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Top 6 Best Mini Refrigerators For Home in India 2022

Best mini refrigerator in India Review & Comparison: Hello friends, summer has started showing its wrath in India. To avoid this severe heat, everyone is taking some measures, someone is installing such (air conditioner), some cooler etc. Used to be. There will definitely be a refrigerator in your house, but sometimes such a situation arises that you feel the need of a small fridge in your personal room. But you can never buy a small fridge due to lack of correct information. Today we have come up with a solution to your problem, today we are going to tell you about small and cheap refrigerators.

  • Best Mini Refrigerators and Small Refrigerators in India 2022
  • Portable Best mini fridge Review
  • Mini Refrigerators and Small Refrigerators Review

There are many people who need a small fridge for their personal room, while on the other hand some people have a shop in which they want to keep a small fridge, some people want to keep their office in their cabin. But you want to buy, but the question remains in your mind that if so many companies are available in the market, then which company’s refrigerator should we take. For you, we have prepared a list for small fridges.

The list of small fridges has been made keeping in mind the parameters like review, rating, comment, price etc., so that you can get the best quality as well as affordable mini refrigerator. So let’s start without any delay.

1. Haier Mini Refrigerator

Number one is Haier 52 liter mini refrigerator, direct calling, single door freeze, manual defrosting, 52 liter capacity, 1 year warranty on this product and 5 years compressor warranty. Apart from this, if you buy Abhishek with SBI card, then you will get a discount of in stand thousand pay. Talking about the price, you are going to get that ₹ 7999. Below is the link where you can click and buy.

2. Whirlpool Mini Refrigerator

At number two is Whirlpool 46 liter mini refrigerator, single door refrigerator, it has a capacity of 46 liters. You are going to get 1 year warranty and you will get 10 years warranty for the refrigerator compressor. This can be kept in any part of the house, it can also be used in the office. You will get silver color in it, you are going to get the stand of this fridge for free, buy it from the link given below and enhance the beauty of your home.

3. Mitashi Mini Refrigerator

Number 2 is the Mitashi 52 Ltr Mini Refrigerator, Direct Cool Refrigerator with a capacity of 52 Liters. With this product you will get 1 year warranty and compressor will get 5 years warranty. Talking about energy rating, you will get this with 2 ratings. In this, you can also control the temperature, if you talk about the price, then you are going to get it for about ₹ 6000, you can buy it from the link given below.

4. Godrej Mini Refrigerator

At number four is Godrej’s 30 liter mini refrigerator with advanced solid state electronic cooling technology. You are going to get 1 year warranty on this refrigerator. The look of this refrigerator is very good, if you keep it anywhere in the house, then your relatives or friends are definitely going to see it. If you want to buy it, you can buy it by clicking on the link given below, its price is going to be ₹ 6800.

5. LG Mini Refrigerator

In the fifth place is the LG company’s mini refrigerator which is going to come with a capacity of 45 liters. You will get 1 year warranty of the product and 5 years warranty of compressor. This fridge is made of steel and you are also going to get a door lock system in it, you can store barfi in it. It is very nice to look at which you can use anywhere in your home. Talking about the price, Rs 8,870 is going to be available. You can also take it on EMI. Below is the link of the product which you can click on to buy.

6. Super General Mini Refrigerator

We placed the “Super Journal Mini Refrigerator” on the 6th place, this refrigerator you will get with a capacity of 47 liters and 1.25 liters of beverage portal bean, and will get reversible doors. You can get this fridge in silver color. Talking about the meeting, Verified Byrus has got very good reviews, let’s talk about the price, you are going to get it on Amazon for Rs 6500, if you want to get special discount then you can take advantage of Amazon Prime service. If you are interested in knowing Electric Roti Makers you can click here

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