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Write For Us

Tech Geek Sutra is a news-consumption Platform for everyone who’s interested in reading tech news, updates, tendencies, generation, enterprise ideas, finance, future tech articles, and more. Our target market consists of techies and non-techies belonging to more than one industry, which makes it the right place to guest-post for technology companies and businesses.

Why write for Tech Geek Sutra?

We appreciate bloggers and organizations with correct and treasured content to post their content material with us. In return, we promote your content thru our website and all social media channels.


Rules and Tips for Publishing

We have a strong student community which is actively pursuing learning. Your writing will inspire students and also provide a platform for you to showcase your skills. If you have an article idea that serves both these objectives, email us on [email protected] and we’ll help you move ahead with your idea! However, here are a few guidelines that we’d urge you to follow:

1. Word Count and Writing

We accept articles that have a clear and whole idea with a phrase that relies on 750+ phrases. We believe that an article shorter than that doesn’t allow for the proper construction of a standpoint or opinion. however, it does not have to be large.

  • We prioritize readability of the article and hence require structural integrity of the piece, including sectioning, headings etc.
  • Your article must be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

2. Unique Relevant Content

We DO NOT accept

  • Pre-Published Articles
  • Plagiarised Content
  • Marketing or Promotional content (i.e. any guest posts that purpose to only promote a product or institution aren’t accepted.)

We accept write-ups only on IT and Career related topics such as-

  • Updates on Technology, Business, News Updates, Digital Marketing, SEO, Gadgets, Computers, Hardware, Apps/Reviews, and Topics from Various Categories.
  • Careers

3. Image/Graphics

Provide high-resolution .jpg, .jpeg, .png format image along with your article must be atleast 1200 x 628 px in dimensions.

  • Images should be royalty-free and not watermarked.
  • People-oriented images should preferably have Indians since that’s our audience or at least a diverse group.
  • Images should be visually appealing (high resolution). Illustrations are pretty cool too.

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