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How to Delete an Instagram Account


Using social media can still have positive and negative effects on our daily lives. Sometimes we get addicted to social media, and our social life gets affected. Taking a break from social media is one of the wisest decisions. Similarly, Instagram can be harmful to us in many ways. Question about deactivating or deleting it permanently is asked in search engines. The commonly asked question, ‘How to delete an Instagram account has a simple solution now. This article will guide you with simple steps to delete your Instagram account permanently. You can also temporarily disable your account. We will be automatically logged out after deleting your account permanently. 

Delete Instagram account

You can quickly delete your Instagram account from your mobile phone or browser. First, you have to sign in to your account if you remember your password. After signing in, go to the menu option after scrolling down. There you will find deactivating and delete options. You can click the required option. The authorities will confirm your step by the simple verification process. After verification, you are ready to delete your Tec Sutrainsta account.  

How Do I Delete My Instagram Account Permanently? 

To delete your account, you must first back up your data. There are two alternatives available to Instagram users. The first choice is to deactivate your account, while the second is temporary permanently. A browser must permanently delete your Instagram account; however, it may be done on mobile and desktop browsers. Instagram makes your profile inaccessible for 30 days before it is permanently deleted. Here are simple steps to delete an Instagram account. As a result, you can restore it if you change your opinion. To altogether remove your Instagram account, follow these instructions: 

Step 1: Make sure you’re logged in to the unique “Delete Your Account” page on your browser. 

Step 2: You can confirm your decision by clicking or tapping the “Delete” button. 

Step 3: Removing the ability to use Instagram: 

Steps to delete Instagram account: 

Instead of deleting your Instagram account, disable it if you want a break from the app. You are logged out, and your profile is hidden when you disable it. In the eyes of your followers, you might as well delete the account. By logging back in, you can rebuild your profile at any moment. Following are steps to delete an Instagram account: 

  • 1: “Instagram” can be accessed via your browser 
  • 2: Enter your username and password. 
  • 3: The “profile symbol” is located in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • 4: Select “Edit Profile” from the “Profile” drop-down menu. 
  • 5: “Temporarily disable my account” can be found at the bottom of the page to the right of the “Submit” button. 
  • 6: If you’re going to do this, you will be questioned why.  
  • 7: Please enter your password a second time. 
  • 8: “Temporarily Disable Account” can be accessed by clicking or tapping it. 
  • 9: Following Instagram’s standards, you can only disable your Instagram account once weekly. 

Temporarily deactivate in account permanently: 

As a last resort, you can temporarily freeze your account so that it can be used again at a later date. What deactivates the IG account permanently linked to the permanent deleting: it is also explained in this informative article. You will be transported to the official account deletion page, where your account is currently frozen. We understand that you don’t want us to provide a direct connection, but that’s not a problem because we always offer the best solution for you. You can delete your Instagram account by following these simple instructions: 

  • 1: You must access Instagram through a web browser to delete a post. 
  • 2: HELP can be found at the bottom of the Instagram site, which you can access by scrolling down the page and clicking that link. 
  • 3: Enter “Delete Instagram” in the search bar provided above. 
  • 4: ” Choose “Delete Instagram” from the list of options for “How do I delete my Instagram account.” 

Keep your Instagram account data safe: 

Before canceling your account, make a backup of your posts, comments, and profile information. Instagram will cancel your subscription and anything related to it if you request it.  Everything you’ve added to the site will be permanently deleted. To store your account information, take these steps: 

  • 1: Tap the “profile symbol” in the lower right corner of “Instagram” to open it. 
  • 2: A hamburger menu (menu bar) will appear in the uppermost right corner of your screen. Tap it to open the Settings menu. 
  • 3: To download data, go to “Security” and then “Download Data”. 
  • 4: Request a download by entering your “email address.” 

How to save data? 

Within 48 hours of signing up for Instagram, you will receive an email with a complete file of your profile. Your photos, comments, and profile information are all included in the email in case you need them again. If you don’t think you’ll ever need this information again, you must take this step. Even if you don’t think you’ll always need this information again, you must take this step. It safeguards the confidentiality and integrity of your data. If you fail to do this, you will lose all of your data no matter how hard life is. 


Disconnecting from social media can be a long-term strategy, as well as a temporary one. There has been an increase in individuals deleting their social media accounts to live a more offline life. Your Instagram account should be reset and canceled so you can take a break from the online world. You can deactivate your account for a bit if you need to go away, but otherwise, remove everything to keep your account safe and your sanity. You can also know about How to Delete Your Twitter Account.


Is it possible to remove my child’s profile 

Not at this time. At the very least, not without the user’s password. According to Instagram’s account deletion policy, the steps outlined above can only be used by the account owner. 

How can I remove Instagram from my device for good? 

Follow these steps to erase your Instagram account permanently: Even if you don’t want to log in right now, you’ll be prompted to do so once you hit the “delete” option on Instagram’s app. 

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