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Make Round Rotis With These Electric Roti Makers in 2022

Here we have brought you the best quality roti maker machine. With these, you can make round and hot rotis in minutes. These have a nonstick coating and come with a shock proof body.

Making hot and round rotis is a very difficult task. It is very difficult to make round roti unless you have practice. Now, there is no need to worry. Here we have brought you the best roti Maker. In these, you can prepare hot rotis in minutes. In these, you also get a nonstick coating made from food grade material.

In these you also get shock proof body and strong handle. Here we bring you some great roti maker options. Let us tell you about these Electric Roti Maker.

ElectroSky® Electric Roti Maker:

This is an Electric Roti Maker with a power of 900 Watts. In this your rotis are ready instantly and round-the-clock. It comes with shock proof handle. Strong stainless steel material has been used to make this roti maker. It has a heat resistant handle and there is less risk of burns. It is also getting nonstick Teflon coating.

Kenvi US Roti Maker:

This is an automatic electric roti maker. You can also use it to make tasty dishes like khakra. In this you are getting non stick coating so that the rotis do not stick on it while cooking. It also has auto cut off feature and indicator light. It is coming with a shock proof body made of steel material. It regulates the temp.

iBELL Nonstick Roti/Chapatti Maker :

It is a non stick roti maker with large diameter of 27 cms. In this you also get temperature control. It also has a neon indicator light. This chrome body finish roti maker is easy to clean. You are getting 1 year standard warranty on this. It consumes power of 1508.

Enamic UK Roti Maker :

If you want to make round and puffed rotis, then this automatic roti maker is the perfect option for you. Keeping in mind the safety, it has been given a shockproof body, which means that you do not have to worry about getting electric shock at all. You can use it to make dishes like roti and khakhra. When the machine is ready, its light turns off.

BAJAJ VACCO Khakhra Maker :

This is BAJAJ Roti Maker with power of only 900 Watts. In this, you can prepare beautiful roti and khakra very easily and without effort. Its griddle is made of best grade Teflon coating. Your rotis will not stick on this and will also swell well. It is also quite safe to use this Electric Roti Maker. in this you

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