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How to Make a Free Website

You are reading this How to Make a Free Website in Free Website – How to Make a Free Website. And almost all the data on the Internet can be obtained only through the website. Because all the information available on the Internet is available only in the form of webpages.

If you also want to share your information with the world. And want to create your own website and also want to earn money from the website, then this tutorial is for you only. Because in this tutorial we will give you complete information about how to make a free website and how to earn money from the website step by step.

What is a website?

The website is a collection of many web pages. This collection has a special name. This name itself is called the name of this website. Like is a website in which hundreds of web pages are available.

Now the question comes what is a webpage? So the webpage is an HTML document. In which simple Text, Images, Graphics, etc. are included. HTML is a programming language by which web pages are written.

You can read these two Lessons for more information about HTML and Webpage. Where we have given detailed information about HTML and Webpage.

What are the benefits of creating a website?

The biggest advantage of the website is that you can earn money by creating a website and it can also be made your career. Apart from this, there are many benefits which are being told below.

Your presence on the Internet will be made from the website. And can be famous too.

Your photo can be put on the Internet. So when someone writes your name then your photo will also be visible to the people.

You can also become an Internet Celebrity.

You can earn a lot of money online by creating a website.

You can also help others by sharing your knowledge with the world.

Things needed to make a website

We are learning to make a free website for which we do not have to spend a single rupee. But, we will still need some things for this. All these things are available for free.

The name of the website you wish to keep (the name should be unique and do not copy anyone’s name)

A Google account that you can learn to create for free by going here.

A smartphone or computer/laptop (Recommended)

Must have a running internet pack.

Must have basic knowledge of Computer Fundamentals.

and need about 3 minutes

how to make a website for free?
  • Step: #1 Go to
  • Step: #2 Click on Create Your Blog
  • Step: #3 Sign in with Google Account.
  • Step: #4 Write Website Name
  • Step: #5 Choose Website URL
  • Step: #6 Select Website Theme
  • Step: #7 Click on Create Blog
  • Step: #8 View the website by visiting the View Blog. Your website has been created.
  • Step by Step Method to Create Free Website

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