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How to fix a mobile phone after getting soaked in water?

Friends, in today’s run-of-the-mill life, where the phone plays a very important role for us, we use the phone for everything and everywhere, even if it is in the kitchen, many times to see different recipes. For this, we take the mobile to the kitchen and in such a situation, many times the phone falls out of our hands and falls in the water or many times we get wet due to getting wet in the rain, due to which the phone gets completely wet, and then we turn off the phone. We adopt unique tips for drying, like keeping the phone on top of the heater or keeping the phone inside the oven, etc. But all these are wrong ways. Doing so can damage your phone, so today, we know through this blog that in water, How to fix a soaked phone and what tips you use, etc.

What to do after the phone gets soaked in water?

1. As the phone is an electronic device and after getting drenched in water, do not try not to force it on. In this case, the phone gets short-circuited, making it completely defective.

2. Do not use the mobile’s headphone jack and charging jack until your phone is completely dry. It can damage the internal parts of the phone.

3. Often, the phone remains on even after getting wet, and we start running it normally but do not make such a mistake.

4. Do not press any button on the soaked phone. Doing so may cause damage to the motherboard

What should I do to fix my phone after it gets soaked in water?

1. If your phone is drenched in water due to any reason, then, first of all, you switch off your phone and take out all the things separately like its battery, sim card, memory card, etc. it will save your phone from being short-circuited and whose phone If the battery does not drain, he should take out the other items of his phone like SIM card, memory card, etc. Otherwise, other things are saved from getting damaged in such a situation.

2. If you have a dryer, you can dry the phone properly with the help of the dryer but keep the day not to dry it at a very hot temperature. In this case, the circuit of the phone can also melt, then keep the dryer temperature as normal, and then After drying, turn it on and see

3. If your phone is too wet and not getting pleasure, you put it in a drum of raw rice for 10 to 12 hours between rice. Due to this, raw rice soaks the phone’s water, and your phone is also saved from a short circuit.

4. Keep the other party of the mobile, like the battery, SIM card, memory card, etc., in the sun and dry it well.

5. If your phone is not too wet, you can clean it with the help of tissue paper. The tissue soaks up the water and finally wipes it off with a soft towel.

6. If your phone is soaked in seawater, you should clean the battery with clean water because seawater contains salt, which causes crystal jam inside the mobile and can spoil the part inside the mobile.

If your phone is not turning on even after adopting all the given tips, then by showing the phone to the service center, we hope that you will like our blog, and it will be useful for you if you have any advice or idea related to the blog. If you want to share, then comment in the comment box below.

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