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How to Check Snap Chat Snaps For Multi Times


Snapchat is getting popular day by day due to its unique usage. People obsessed with photo clicking love this mobile application. It also gives you multiple filters to get a perfect photo. In Snapchat, there are options for sending and receiving pictures, videos and stories. The only issue with this great app is its short-term photo or video viewing feature. Many people have also asked how to view Snapchat again? When you get any file, you can open it once or twice. The answer to reopen a snap someone sent you is a simple step.

The trick to checking the Snapchat snaps:

There is a trick to check the Snapchat snaps multiple times. You can easily view snaps by clicking your application described by Tech Sutra. Open your Snapchat inbox and click the required image that you want to reopen. Reopening Snapchat is so simple with an easy holding and pressing option. By pressing the snap for a long time, you can reopen the image. You cannot take a screenshot of the received or sent photos due to the privacy policy.

How to view Snapchat again?

There is, however, a method through which you can accomplish this. Be aware, though, that this is a complex method that may need you to perform too many things on your mobile device. Using this guide, you’ll be on your way in no time.

1: Identify the problem:

Take a look at the Chat section of the Snapchat app. These are all of your buddies with whom you’ve been snapping regularly, both unopened and opened.

2: New Snap:

You’ll see a red or purple square with the words “New Snap” next to it on the new ones. You’ll notice an empty area with the word Received written on the side of the cards you’ve already viewed.

3: Turn on Airplane Mode on the phone:

Turn on Airplane Mode on your phone while you’re here. Both Android and Apple users can similarly complete the process. Swipe down from the top and up from the bottom of your screen, respectively, in the first scenario. An airplane icon will appear on the screen in both circumstances.

4: Unopened snaps:

Because of the lack of a network, any Snapchat activity you perform while your phone is in airplane mode will be lost. Go to any unopened snaps and open them.

5: Open Snapchat:

Open Snapchat after you’ve taken your phone out of airplane mode, and you’ll still see the unread snaps in the square boxes. When your phone is in aeroplane mode, it is impossible to watch any of the images you have already watched.

How to reopen a snap someone sent you?

It would help if you stayed on the same page once you’ve seen a snap or a video. A red or purple box with Hold to replay or save will appear when the image is played. Simply tapping the picture for once and holding it for a few seconds can solve your mystery of how to reopen a snap. In some photos, the message is all that is seen. To rewind, hold down the control key. Things get a little more complicated here.

Step 1: While the snap is being reloaded, hold down the square button for a few seconds. Even a few seconds can be extended if it’s a video or if your internet connection is terrible. Don’t become impatient and leave the page; you may not have another chance to see it.

Step 2: You can reopen or replay a snap when the empty square is filled with red or purple again. The second time you tap on that square, the picture or video will play. Re-watching a snap also has the benefit of sending a notification to the sender to let them know you’ve done so.

Step 3: The most crucial rule is to stay on the Chat page. Remember that if you leave the app or go to another page, you’ll lose the opportunity to rewind.

Feature and jargon breakdown for Snapchat:

Snapchat has a plethora of tools that can help you engage your audience and enhance your brand’s visibility. To get started, here are some definitions for some often used terms on Snapchat.


A Snap is a photo or video that you share with one or more of your friends using the app. It’s been available to all users since day one. The maximum length of a video snap is 60 seconds. Since Snapchat’s inception, it has never stored any photos or videos; instead, after the recipient has viewed a Snap, the content is automatically deleted from the app.


Snaps that you’d like to show off to your whole Snapchat network are called Stories. After 24 hours, stories are removed from the app. If you’d like to keep your Story, you can either save it to your device’s camera roll or store it in your Memories section. If you want to know more about how to delete and deactivate social media account

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