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Twitter Debuts Hexagon-Shaped NFT Profile photos

Twitter on Thursday proclaimed the launch of a tool through that users will showcase non-fungible tokens (NFTs)as their profile photos, sound into a digital collectibles craze that has exploded over the past year.

The feature, offered on iOS to users of the company’s Twitter Blue subscription service, connects their Twitter accounts to cryptocurrency wallets wherever the users store NFT holdings.

Twitter displays the NFT profile photos as hexagons, differentiating them from the quality circles offered to different users. sound on the images prompts details concerning the art and its possession to look.

Like different technical school corporations, Twitter is dashing to take advantage on crypto trends like NFTs, a sort of speculative plus authenticating digital things like pictures, videos, and land in virtual worlds.

The social media platform last year superimposed practicality for users to send and receive Bitcoin.

Sales of NFTs reached some $25 billion (roughly Rs. 1,86,250 crore) in 2021, in keeping with information from market huntsman DappRadar, though there have been signs of growth speed toward the tip of the year.

Proponents of Web3 technologies like NFTs say they decentralize possession on-line, making a path for users to earn cash from well-liked creations, instead of having those edges accrue primarily to some of technical school platforms.

Critics dismiss the spreading claims, noting that a lot of of the services powering adoption of these technologies – just like the six crypto wallets supported by Twitter’s NFT product – square measure backed by alittle cluster of venture capitalists.

In a wide circulated tweet when the launch, security investigator Jane Manchun Wong highlighted one among those links, showing however AN outage at venture-backed NFT marketplace OpenSea quickly blocked NFTs from loading on Twitter.

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