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Top 5 Free Video Editing Software Watermark

Videos square measure wide used on video sites, social networks, and news platforms for sharing, diversion, education, and different functions. With a growing would like for videos to convey info, the demand for video writing tools surges. for instance, you will have to be compelled to create video clips into a formidable short film for sharing, associate degree amusing video for recreation, associate degree tutorial video for education, and so on. of these need a video editor.

Many of you hunt for a free editor to use. However, software package continually mechanically adds the software’s name or brand to the video, and people watermarks square measure unwanted. Given that, i will introduce 5 free video writing software without watermark for you.

Best 5 Free Video Editor Without Watermark for PC:

1. VSDC Free Video Editor – Windows

2. iMovie – macOS/iOS

3. Hitfilm specific – Windows/macOS

4. OpenShot – Windows/macOS/Linux

5. Shotcut – Windows/macOS/Linux

1. VSDC Free Video Editor – Wide File Formats Support

This is an editing application that helps edit videos and make videos of any sort and complexness. it’s no watermark, ads, or time period. And thus, it’s an honest alternative for each beginners and professionals.


• Free video writing software system for Windows ten no watermark

• Support a big selection of image/audio/video formats

• Provide an wonderful choice of effects, transitions, and filters

• Allow creating masks for concealing, blurring, or light the content

• Offer options to export altered videos to social networks

In addition to those options, it is conjointly equipped with additional functions like videodisc burning, video convertor, video capture, and more. If you would like to show clips into videos via basic skills, this app is advisable for you.


2. iMovie – simple to Command

Applies To: macOS and iOS

iMovie is a free video writing software system while not watermark tool developed by Apple for macOS and iOS devices.

Simple and intuitive, iMovie is that the of the foremost easy tool accessible for beginners. though being free, iMovie will not add any watermark to the item you edit unless you would like.


• Support video/audio/image writing

• Allow adding transitions and effects

• Provide pre-set trailers and themes

• Support 4K resolution

• Support multiple video/audio tracks

Compared with different equivalents, iMovie has associate degree exclusive profit therein it offers the app version of iOS devices. which means you’ll conjointly edit videos on your mobile device if you would like to.

A additional advanced editor that Apple conjointly develops is movie professional X. Compared with iMovie, it’s additional advanced options and is additional appropriate for execs UN agency would like skilled tools and arrange to produce high-quality videos.

However, movie professional X may be a paid tool and charges $299.99. If you’re employing a raincoat, select either the free or paid application in line with your desires.

3. Hitfilm specific – One-Stop Video process

Applies To: Windows and macOS

Hitfilm Express is a strong nevertheless free video writing software system while not watermark for users UN agency would like easy-to-use and advanced video writing tools. And it offers unlimited tracks so you’ll add numerous effects to form your videos additional delicate.

This free video editor while not watermark for computer and MacBook absolutely supports 2D and 3D compositing. And if you would like to feature voiceover to your video, a intrinsic audio recorder will facilitate.


• Video editor for PC without watermark

• Support over 410 effects

• provide free video tutorial

• Support color-coding your videos

• Export videos in MP4, AVI, and so on

In addition to the functions we tend to mentioned on top of, there square measure different advanced writing tools you’ll use. for example, you can select multiple clips within the media panel, and this free video editor while not watermarks can synchronize them mechanically.

Download: hitfilm-express

4. OpenShot – triumph App

Applies To: Windows, macOS, and Linux

OpenShot is associate degree triumph, ASCII text file, and free video editor while not watermarks. It does not misinform the tool’s usability once oral communication OpenShot is straightforward to use and fast to find out.

You can use it to form beautiful videos without fear regarding watermarks or limitations as a result of all there’s what you’ll use.


• Support video/audio/image writing

• Support multiple video/audio tracks

• Offer various effects and 3D animations

• Enable slow motion and time effects

• Allow adding titles to videos

A worth-mentioning advantage of OpenShot is that it supports 70+ languages, that is considerably over different free tools. the easy interface and clear feature show create OpenShot an honest alternative for beginners UN agency would like a basic editor.


5. Shotcut – Timeline writing Support

Applies To: Windows, macOS, and Linux

If you rummage around for “good free video writing software” in Google, you’ll realize several recommendations for Shotcut. Indeed, once it involves actually video editor free no watermark, Shotcut ought to count.

Shotcut is associate degree ASCII text file and cross-platform program for video making and writing. It provides enough options for users to show video clips into superb videos.


• Support a big selection of file formats

• Show excellent compatibility with devices that capture videos and audio

• Provide a versatile and intuitive interface

• Offer unique video effects, filters, and templates

Shotcut permits no watermark, adds, trial versions, plug-ins, and unrelated bundled software system just like the software package introduced on top of. not like different free tools, file import isn’t needed in Shotcut because of its native timeline writing feature.

Again, if you’re a beginner seeking a straightforward video maker, Shotcut is associate degree possibility price considering.


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