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10 Best Expense Tracker Apps for iPhone and Android (2024)

Managing expenses and saving money doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you’ve resolved to save more in the new year or simply want to become a financial pro, these 10 best expense tracker apps for iPhone and Android can be your helping hand.

Best Expense Tracker Apps for iOS and Android (2024)

Expense tracking apps empower you to set budgets, monitor spending, and gain valuable insights into your financial habits. They often offer features like syncing all your accounts in one place, bill reminders, and detailed spending analysis. Here, we’ll introduce you to the top spending trackers for iOS and Android.

1. Wally

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use personal finance assistant, “Wally” is an excellent choice. It allows you to set a budget based on your financial goals and effortlessly tracks your expenses, ensuring you never miss important financial details. Notably, Wally can sync all your accounts, providing a clutter-free dashboard to manage your finances effectively. With up to two years of in-depth spending insights and interactive charts, Wally stands out as a top expense tracker.

Key features:

  • Clutter-free dashboard
  • Account synchronization
  • Two years of detailed insights
  • Interactive charts
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

2. Spendee

Spendee is a sleek budgeting app designed to cut unnecessary expenses and boost your savings. With an intuitive and customizable interface, it adapts to your needs, allowing you to set budgets and track spending efficiently. Spendee’s infographics, detailed graphs, and insights provide a clear overview of your spending habits. The inclusion of a dark mode makes tracking expenses easy on the eyes, even at night.

Key features:

  • Flexible budgeting
  • Automatic expense organization
  • Detailed graphs
  • Dark mode
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

3. Pocket Expense 6

For a comprehensive personal finance assistant, Pocket Expense is a strong contender. It simplifies expense tracking by letting you sync all your accounts in one place. With daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly stats, this app provides transparent insights into your spending. It supports recurring and non-recurring budgets, offers fund transfers between budgets, and enables custom alerts to prevent missed bills. The calendar view simplifies essential financial planning.

Key features:

  • Reports of all transactions
  • Password protection
  • Calendar view
  • Reliable backup and restore
  • Install: iOS (free, offers in-app purchases)

4. Mint

Mint is a top-rated personal finance and budgeting app that excels at expense management. You can set financial goals and receive personalized tips to reduce unnecessary spending. Mint’s efficient bill tracker keeps you informed about recurring expenses and upcoming bills. It also provides your credit score to gauge your credit health. With Mint, you can gain full control over your finances.

Key features:

  • Personalized tips
  • Efficient bill tracker
  • Credit score tracking
  • Managing recurring expenses
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

5. Spending Tracker

While not feature-packed, Spending Tracker offers easy-to-use tools for monitoring and cutting expenses. Its clean interface supports weekly, monthly, and yearly spending tracking. The app allows you to set a fixed budget based on your goals. With a summary view and insightful visualizations, you can quickly identify areas where you can save. The ability to customize icons for each category adds a personal touch to your expense tracking.

Key features:

  • Clean interface
  • Fixed budget setting
  • Insightful visualization
  • Summary view
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

6. Money Lover

Money Lover simplifies budget planning with the option to create sub-categories for precise spending monitoring. It offers tailored advice, a built-in calculator for quick calculations, and bank account synchronization for hassle-free tracking. Money Lover’s bank account report keeps you informed about your expenses, while its bank-level security safeguards your sensitive information.

Key features:

  • Sub-categories creation
  • Bank account synchronization
  • Built-in calculator
  • Bank-level security
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

7. Moneyfy

Moneyfy is a comprehensive expense tracker with detailed charts for thorough spending insights. It supports tracking recurring records, multiple currencies, and features a built-in calculator. Detailed reports and pro tips assist in preventing overspending. Moneyfy offers Google Drive and Dropbox integration for data synchronization. To enhance security, a strong passcode keeps unauthorized access at bay.

Key features:

  • Multiple currency support
  • Efficient calculator
  • Google Drive and Dropbox integration
  • Detailed reports
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

8. Expensify

Expensify goes beyond simple expense tracking by allowing you to manage business and personal expenses, scan receipts, and book travel. It integrates with accounting apps like QuickBooks, Xero, and more. Custom report exports, advanced tax reporting, and PCI-compliant security ensure better expense management and financial awareness.

Key features:

  • Integrations with accounting apps
  • Custom report exports
  • Advanced tax reporting
  • PCI-compliant security
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

9. Money Manager: Budget&Expense

Money Manager offers a simplified experience with a neat calculator function. It enables you to manage all your accounts and create multiple sub-categories. The app supports multiple currencies and offers a calendar view of your set rules. It excels in credit card management, allowing you to connect your cards for automatic expense recording. With expense sorting by receipt and reliable backup and restore functionality, Money Manager is a dependable choice.

Key features:

  • Multiple sub-categories creation
  • Credit card management
  • Expense sorting by receipt
  • Backup and restore functionality
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

10. Wallet – Daily Budget & Profit

Wallet is a proficient personal finance app that offers flexible budgeting with one-time or recurring budgets. It supports multiple categories and synchronizes transactions with your bank, ensuring you’re always up to date. Wallet provides insightful reports with easy-to-read graphs and financial overviews. It also supports multiple currencies and offers seamless cloud synchronization for secure data access across devices.

Key features:

  • Multiple currency support
  • Insightful reports
  • Easy-to-use graphs and financial overviews
  • Seamless cloud synchronization
  • Install: iOS and Android (free, offers in-app purchases)

These top spending trackers are invaluable tools for managing expenses, providing in-depth reports, actionable insights, and helping you save money. Do you have a favorite expense tracker? Share it with us in the comments below, and let us know if you have any other recommendations for improving financial management and savings.

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