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Mystery Solved: How New Technology is Transforming Road Safety in Noida and Greater Noida

Have you ever worried about the safety of commuters on the roads of Noida and Greater Noida? Perhaps you’ve seen or heard about accidents involving stray animals, and it’s left you concerned. Well, here’s some good news for you! In a remarkable and innovative move, an animal welfare NGO in Greater Noida has introduced a solution to enhance road safety and reduce accidents. They’ve attached radium reflectors to the horns and necks of community cattle, making them more visible during dark hours. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this groundbreaking initiative, share recent incidents that prompted this action, and explore how local authorities are joining hands to make the roads safer for everyone.

The Innovative Solution

You might be wondering, “How can radium reflectors on cattle make the roads safer?” It’s a great question! These radium reflectors work like magic wands in the dark. They make the cattle stand out, almost like neon lights on a concert stage. This helps commuters spot them from a distance and avoid accidents. So, the whole idea is to reduce road accidents involving these animals, and it’s a fantastic initiative.

Recent Incidents that Necessitated Change

Now, let’s talk about why this initiative is so crucial. Picture this: a Delhi resident named Naserruddin, just 45 years old, met with a tragic accident. He was riding his motorcycle when a community bull, of all things, struck him. This caused him to lose balance, and he was subsequently run over by a speeding truck in Greater Noida. It’s heartbreaking and a stark reminder of the perils these animals pose when they roam the streets.

But the unfortunate incidents don’t end there. Just two days later, an SUV driven by Ravi Anand, a 35-year-old originally from Bihar, collided with at least five community cattle on a road in Sector 42. This resulted in the deaths of three cows, and two others were injured. These incidents are not just stories; they’re real tragedies that have shaken the local community.

NGO’s Heroic Efforts

In response to these heart-wrenching accidents, the Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust sprang into action. Kaveri Rana, the founder of this NGO, had a brilliant idea. She and her team decided to attach radium reflectors to the horns and necks of cattle. This simple yet effective solution was designed to make these animals more visible, especially during the darkest hours. With three to four teams of dedicated volunteers patrolling Noida and Greater Noida, the NGO is working tirelessly to safeguard these animals and prevent further accidents.

Kaveri Rana explained, “Radium reflectors on the animals’ horns and necks are intended to make them more visible to commuters and help avoid mishaps. The goal is to reduce accidents in the city, and we hope that local authorities will support our efforts to protect cattle and prevent accidents.”

Local Authorities’ Involvement

The Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust isn’t alone in this endeavor. The local authorities of Noida and Greater Noida have also joined the mission to enhance road safety. SP Singh, the Deputy General Manager (DGM) of Noida Authority, has confirmed that four teams from the authority are actively working to capture stray cattle and mitigate accidents. They’re not just stopping there; they’re also imposing penalties on cow owners who allow their cattle to roam freely. Once captured, these cattle will be relocated to cowsheds for better care.

In Greater Noida, Medha Roopam, the Additional CEO of Greater Noida Authority, revealed that they have deployed cattle capture teams throughout the area. They’ve even prepared area-wise rosters to manage the situation effectively. It’s clear that the local authorities are taking the issue seriously and working hand in hand with NGOs to make the roads safer.

The Impact and Future Expectations

So, what’s the impact of this initiative? Well, it’s potentially life-saving. By making these cattle more visible, we’re reducing the risk of accidents on the road. It’s not just about the cattle; it’s about keeping commuters safe too. The Sophie Memorial Animal Relief Trust and local authorities expect to see a significant drop in accidents, and with the community’s support, they can make it happen.


In conclusion, the roads of Noida and Greater Noida are set to become safer, all thanks to an innovative solution and the collaboration of NGOs and local authorities. While we’re striving for the safety of these animals, we’re also ensuring the safety of the commuters who use these roads daily. The recent incidents were tragic, but they’ve ignited a wave of positive change. So, let’s keep our hopes high, and together, we can make our cities a safer place for everyone. It’s not just good news; it’s the promise of a brighter, safer future.

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