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Microsoft Flight Simulator will be landing on PC this August

Author Name - Mr. Ajay

Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be coming to PC via Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass on August 18. 

Even if you aren’t taking part in the closed beta later this month, you won’t have to wait longer before strapping yourself into the cockpit and flying into the clouds with Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

If you fancy partaking in the upcoming closed beta, you can sign up and become a Flight Sim Insider before July 30. You aren’t guaranteed entry, but it’s worth a punt if you’re a passionate digital pilot hoping to take part. Otherwise, you can just wait a few weeks for the full release.

If you don’t fancy dropping the full price on the simulator, it will be available on Xbox Game Pass as a free download for subscribers. Given how cheap the service is, this is definitely the way to go. Flight Simulator will launch with a variety of editions, the cheapest of which starts at £60/$60.

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