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Is Realme Stealing Your Personal Data ?

In recent weeks, serious allegations have emerged against Realme, a prominent Chinese smartphone manufacturer, suggesting that the company is collecting and storing personal data from its users without their consent. The allegations have sparked concerns among users and prompted the Indian government to order a thorough investigation into the matter.

Allegations and Response:

Initially brought to light through social media, users claimed that Realme was surreptitiously collecting sensitive data such as SMS messages, call logs, and location information. Realme has vehemently denied these allegations, but the Indian government has taken them seriously, considering the potential implications for user privacy.

Government Action:

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has responded promptly by directing the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), responsible for handling cybersecurity incidents in India, to conduct a thorough investigation. The seriousness with which the government has treated these allegations underscores its commitment to protecting user privacy.

Potential Breach of Privacy:

If the allegations against Realme are proven to be true, it would constitute a grave breach of user privacy. Collection and storage of personal data without explicit consent can lead to the tracking of individuals, surveillance of their communications, and even unauthorized access to their financial transactions.

Government’s Stance on Data Privacy:

The Indian government has been actively addressing data privacy concerns in recent years. In 2019, it introduced the Personal Data Protection Bill, aimed at safeguarding the privacy of Indian citizens. Although the bill is still being deliberated, it grants the government the authority to impose fines on companies that collect and store personal data without proper consent.

Importance of Data Privacy:

The ongoing investigation involving Realme serves as a stark reminder of the significance of data privacy. It is crucial for individuals to be aware of the data collected by companies and to ensure their explicit consent is given for such collection.

Protecting Your Privacy:

If you have concerns about your privacy, consider taking the following steps:

Review Privacy Policies: Read and understand the privacy policies of the companies you engage with. This will provide insight into the data they collect and how they utilize it.

Opt Out of Data Collection: Whenever possible, utilize options to opt out of data collection provided by companies.

Choose Privacy-Focused Apps and Services: Explore and use apps and services that prioritize user privacy to minimize data exposure.

Be Mindful of Online Information Sharing: Exercise caution when sharing personal information online, as once it is shared, it becomes challenging to retract.

By adopting these proactive measures, you can play a vital role in safeguarding your privacy and ensuring the security of your personal data.


The allegations against Realme regarding unauthorized data collection and storage underscore the importance of user privacy in today’s digital landscape. The response of the Indian government through a comprehensive investigation reflects its commitment to protecting the privacy rights of its citizens. By remaining vigilant, informed, and proactive about data privacy, individuals can help create a safer and more secure online environment.

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