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Get your own 3D avatar on Instagram now!

If you like to use social media, then let us tell you that Meta company is bringing the feature of 3D avatar for the users of its social media apps, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. I have come. Let us know about this feature in detail.

In this era of social media, if we talk about the most popular social media apps, then probably the first name will be taken of Instagram. This photo sharing app today gives many amazing features to its users and for this reason it can be called people’s favorite app. This social media platform of Meta company has made a new change, due to which you are getting your own 3D avatar. Meta has also released this feature for one of its other social media platforms. Let’s know about it..

Get your 3D avatar on Instagram

In its constant endeavor to improve its platforms, Meta has taken one step further. For your information, let us tell you that now the users of Instagram are getting a new feature of ‘3D Avatar’. As the name of this feature, in this, users will get their living 3D avatar on their favorite social media app.

How will these 3D avatars be?

As we mentioned earlier, users will now be able to get their own 3D avatar on Instagram. In these avatars, users will be given options for different shapes of faces. To make these avatars look more real, the option of adjusting the sizes of their faces according to the user will also be given.

In these avatars, the company has also included devices and objects like implants, wheelchairs and hearing aids to give the real experience of this feature to people with physical

Use this feature

If you are wondering how and where this feature can be used, then let us tell you that you can use this feature of 3D avatar in Instagram Stories feature and Direct Messages (DMs). Users in multiple locations will also be able to use this feature in their sticker feed posts and profile pictures.

Let us tell you that at present this feature can only be used by users of US, Canada and Mexico. No information has been revealed about how long this feature will be released in other countries including India.

Let us tell you that this feature of 3D avatar has also been released by Meta for Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

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