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Beware of This Dangerous Sim Card Scam!

For your information, let us tell you that for a long time, cases of a dangerous scam, SIM Swapping Scam, are coming to the fore in which hackers block your SIM card and steal all your important private information and money. Let’s know about this scam.

Smartphones have made our lives easier in today’s era, it can prove to be equally dangerous. The advantages of technological development are many, but its disadvantages are also no less dangerous. Frauds and scams online are on the rise. Hackers have found many different ways to dupe people and steal their personal information and money from them. Today we are talking about such a dangerous SIM Swapping Scam, due to which the accounts of many people have been emptied. This scam can be avoided if we know how to prevent it and how to recognize it

This SIM card scam is very dangerous

Let us tell you that the number of cases of this scam related to SIM cards is increasing rapidly all over the world. This scam asks users to provide personal information like their bank details, phone numbers, etc. to the hacker. The hacker who carries out this scam is trying to trap gullible users and get their information, and the sad thing is that they succeed in this attempt most of the times. We’d like to know what happens with this scam.

This is how scam starts

If you are wondering what happens in this scam, then let us tell you that SIM swapping does not mean SIM swapping. Actually, in this scam, hackers use many such techniques, due to which your SIM card is blocked and they can take advantage of this. First of all, scammers send you such emails or dangerous apps and websites with the help of which malware or virus is inserted in your phone. In this way they get the basic banking details of the user and your phone number.

You will get this phone call

After this the hacker will call you as an employee of your network provider’s office and will ask you many questions about your Aadhar card, PAN card, home address, your photograph, etc. Afterwards, the scammer approaches the network service provider for a new SIM and since he already has the user’s details, he gets it easily and deactivates the old SIM.

Now the scammer can transact money using your banking information as he now has control of SMS and OTP as well.

Keep Yourself Safe Like This

This scam is dangerous and sounds scary too but let us tell you that it can be avoided. To protect yourself from this scam, first of all you do not have to click on any such website whose URL you do not recognize. Secondly, do not open and reply to any unknown mail and do not download any unknown app, especially third party apps, on your phone. If you get a call from someone who says that he is speaking from your network provider, then ignore that call and do not share your personal information with them at all.

Also, keep in mind that you give your phone numbers to someone very carefully and if suddenly your phone stops working, then immediately contact your telecom company so that they can get information about this. In this way, you can stay away from this dangerous scam.

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