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Apple’s New HomePod: Will It Make a Mark?

Apple is known for being a trailblazer when it comes to new products. From the Watch and AirPods to the iPad and MacBook, Apple has dominated several markets with its innovative products. However, there is an oddity in the Apple lineup of products, and that is the HomePod. Apple was late to the smart speaker party, with Amazon and Google being the first to release their own smart speakers. By the time the HomePod arrived in 2017, Amazon had already refined its Echo devices and created a market of its own.

The original HomePod, released in 2017, was a powerhouse of a speaker for those in the Apple ecosystem. It had limited smarts in terms of third-party devices, and Siri was a hit and miss. Despite being a really good sounding speaker, the HomePod struggled to leave a mark, and almost a year after launching the HomePod mini, the first-gen smart speaker was officially discontinued.

However, Apple hasn’t given up on smart speakers and has released a new version of the HomePod. This time, it’s more expensive, looks similar to the previous one, and boasts of better sound quality. But will it be enough for the HomePod to make a mark?

We reviewed Apple’s latest smart speaker, and here’s what we think:


The HomePod has a familiar design, and you might mistake it for the first-gen HomePod. It’s slightly taller and wider, but the design is essentially the same. However, it’s more expensive than the previous version.

Sound Quality:

Apple claims that the HomePod has better sound quality than the previous version, and we have to agree. The bass is deeper, and the mids and highs are more pronounced. It’s an excellent speaker for listening to music, and it can fill up a room with sound.


Siri is still Siri, and it’s a hit and miss. Apple has made some improvements, and Siri can now recognize up to six different voices. However, it’s not as smart as Google Assistant or Alexa.

Smart Home Integration: The HomePod can control smart home devices, but it’s limited to Apple’s HomeKit. If you have devices from other manufacturers, you’ll need to use a different app.


The new HomePod is a great sounding speaker, but it’s expensive and limited in terms of smart home integration. If you’re in the Apple ecosystem and want a great speaker for listening to music, the HomePod is a great choice. However, if you’re looking for a smart speaker that can do more, you might want to consider other options.

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